Release. Unification. Expansion.


My name is Moishe Wariko and I am here to celebrate the living moment. My journey is one of merging with my multidimensional selfs and I now share my multidimensional gifts through mystical expressions. Whatever is the most relevant aspect to address within you will invoke within me the most efficient "tool" for the process. I am here to support your embracing your True self.

What is a session?

I receive clarity on what needs to be done in the moment for the person I am working with. A session involves creative ways of restoring balance & alignment, activating gifts & talents within the person and addressing what is relevant in the moment. This creativity comes from the infinite moment.

How does a session work?

A session is intuitive. I receive messages through my bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts and KNOWING
I use a combination of my voice, gentle touch (not required), channeled messages, essence cards and working with your conscious mind to align to the empowered version of YOU
Sessions are ONLINE & in person

Who is the session for?

This session is for anyone who feels a calling in their heart. Your heart is your beacon of guidance & truth.
Even though mentally you may not understand your True self in your heart will.
You can contact me for free and ask:
"if I can support you in any way?"
I will conduct a reading and
get back to you.
After this you can choose to book a session.

What is it to expand ?

Expansion is choosing to be with life as it is. Expansion is an ever deeper alignment with your core being as a living Soul and life itself.
Each time an aspect within is healed or embraced more of what you have always been is felt & experienced. Your natural state is more peaceful, present, warm, creative, purposeful, harmonious and your gifts begin to be activated.

Session can include


Self acceptance

Talent activation

bookings and inquires

90 min session 444 USD
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''I’m so grateful that Moishe entered my life exactly when he did. All in perfect timing, yes?
After our first session, I felt more whole, more like me, like something had shifted.
I was more in touch with my inner calling, and felt empowered to move forward.
A sense of fearlessness, as I told him in our second session, where he provided me with clarity and structure on how to implement more discipline in my spiritual practice and fully embody the “new me” that has been emerging for some time, but that I’ve struggled to take ownership over.
We operate a lot in blind faith as we leave behind the old before the new is made manifest.
Meeting and working with Moishe had been such a valuable and life-giving confirmation for me that I’m on the right track, even if it’s unfamiliar territory.
Thank you for your presence, your insights and your fire''